Have you ever come across packages which have the addresses stuck on them with adhesives? Hasn’t it looked appealing and convenient since ever? Well, it did appeal to us and this is why we dug in to find more details about the personalized mailing labels and how they are used to make mails more efficient and smooth.

These mailing labels are often of no use when it is time for you to send out small volumes of the mail but can come in to be really handy when it is time for you to have huge volumes of the mail or packages shipped out.

Mailing labels

What do the custom mailing labels depict?

Not much information about the package but about the address which is being sent out to and the sender in general.

  • The address labels have find out about the whereabouts of the person the package would have to be delivered to. Moreover, it also contains information about the return address in case the mailing company fails to find the location or the recipient for any reason whatsoever. It could be because of a change in location, a wrong address or the recipient not being available any more. The return address ensures that the package is not lost and finds its way back to the sender. For companies it guarantees that their products remain safe and the consumer can have it sent back in case they find issues with the product they are receiving. A return address also guarantees the safety of the package and prevents it from getting lost which could cause huge damages to the company.
  • Most of the personalized mailing labels have specific instructions for the mailing staff too on how they need to handle the packages that have made it to their care. Some products inside are delicate and might get damaged if they are not handled properly. In such cases the custom mailing labels need to specify handling instructions about any specific steps they would want the mailing company to adopt to ensure the safety of the packages. You can even have other instructions laid out and talk to the mailing company before shipping them through. This is important when it comes to food products, medicines, cosmetics and other important information the staff might need to know about when handling the products. As they are responsible for the products that are given in their care, they need to know everything about the handling details to ensure that they do their job properly too.
  • Payment information can also be printed on the mailing address labels. In this case the labels should conform to the laws of the country and the mailing company’s rules so that there are no complexities when delivering the packages. If the payment needs to be made with the package, the delivering company should be informed of this beforehand. It should also be printed on the custom mailing labels so that such an important point is not missed out during mailing.

Mailing labels 1

Things to take care of when designing labels

When creating the mailing labels, the companies often make use of the software to make it happen but there are certain things that you need to take special care of with these labels to ensure smooth mailing. This is even more important when the shipping distance is long.

The adhesive material

The adhesive that is used with the mailing address labels has to be of good quality so that the customers can use them easily. Moreover, it helps ensure that no matter what the weather conditions are outside the adhesive solution would continue working. No matter how hot, cold or rainy it gets, any lapse in the adhesiveness could be detrimental to the company which is having it sent out. It can cause monetary loss and make the customers unhappy with all the delays which would be caused with the personalized mailing labels getting lost.

The design

The information the labels have should be easier to read and understand. Starting from the font which is used to the style which is chosen for the custom mailing labels, everything has to be on fleek and readable. Any complication in the design would be a hassle for the mailing staff to follow through. Most of the custom mailing labels that you come across are simple yet informative in their design and this is how it should be in case you want to go for something specific.

Mailing labels 2

The size

When it comes to the cost of the mailing labels, you need to decide between the size and information you would want to have on it. While having bigger labels can be handy, they would cost you a lot too. So, a compromise needs to be reached between the font, size and the budget you have in mind for the task. If you are lucky, you can definitely find some amazing deals on the custom mailing labels that you can make use of when getting your own labels printed for shipment purposes. Since, the paper used for the mailing labels is different and definitely more expensive than the normal printing paper, you need to be very cautious about the paper wastage and overall cost saving.

So, when getting the mailing labels printed for your company, make sure you keep all the points that have been mentioned above thorough consideration. Look into the ways through which you can cut back on the budget without affecting the packaging information which is printed on the labels. After all, you wouldn’t want to save dimes to cause yourself a loss of pounds. It wouldn’t be economical in any case. So, depending on the package which is being sent and the overall information which needs to be on the mailing labels, choose all the aspects carefully. For more information, do talk to our team and have them guide you in the best possible ways. After all who better knows the job than the experts in the field.

Mailing labels 3