Have you ever looked closely at the warning and safety signs we come across so frequently in our everyday lives? Did you happen to realize that each one follows a different color scheme and has a different shape going for it? As a kid, I always thought that it was because they wanted to keep it creative and entertaining.

After all, signs with the same color and design would tend to get boring. When you think about it, this does make sense. If you keep seeing the same kind of caution stickers over and over again, after a little while you would stop noticing them. This might defeat their purpose altogether and cause harm to human safety and life as a result.

Warning stickers

So depending on the purpose, the design, color scheme, and even the whole shape of the caution stickers can change. Let’s take a look at some of the most common warning stickers that you might come across and what purpose each one of those kind serves.

1.      The “do not” stickers

One simple picture, a round shape, and a line cutting it diagonally to make the message clear and self-explanatory. This kind of warning stickers are often known as the prohibition stickers which make certain things and acts prohibited in certain areas. Some of these stickers can be a part of the custom warning stickers while others are very commonly found. For example the sign of no smoking that you see near a gas station or of no noise in a hospital. These signs and their warning stickers are mostly there to tell us something which should otherwise have been pretty obvious. Apart from these places, you can find these warning stickers in work places and on roads too.

Warning stickers

2.      Warning stickers

The pictogram on this sticker needs to follow a color scheme of black and yellow with the border and picture being in black and the background being in yellow. This sign often comes on the triangular shape to emphasize the importance of the warning being conveyed. It could be a sign to warn the passerby and all the people around of a possible hazard nearby. Like the caution sticker which has the fire of a sign on it warns about the possible fire hazard nearby which could come in the form of a volatile, flammable liquid or substance which can be lit easily. Where have you seen these signs most recently? Try turning to the back of your deodorant’s cover. It is there printed to warn you to keep it away from the fire.

3.      Safe condition stickers

These stickers are used to indicate the presence of safety conditions and how they can be followed in case of an emergency. In a green and white contrast, these stickers usually have a white background and the pictogram and border in vibrant green. The color selection is made to calm the observers and not create a sense of panic in case of an emergency. They are often used to direct about the escape routes, emergency routes, and first aid equipment kit. You might come across these signs in tall buildings or the ones that are always accessible to the public. If need be, you can also order custom safety stickers for yourself to meet your own purpose as a result.

However, there are many signs which need no pictogram and still fall in the same category. For example, the simple push and pull stickers or the exit signs which come on the door while you are making your way out of the building. A pictogram does make it easier to understand the sticker but if you think the text would be a better choice to go for it. Just make sure that the custom warning stickers you get made follow the rules and regulations of your country. Failing to do so might get you in trouble and would have you waste all the money you spent in designing and ordering the custom stickers for your work and organization.

Warning stickers


4.      Information signs

The warning signs do not always have to warn about an upcoming possible danger. Sometimes, the signs you see around you are for supplementary purposes and are only there to do nothing but help you out. These signs can be there to indicate a room or probably direct you towards a certain location. The arrow signs that you often see on the roads or in the buildings would fall under this category. There not being there wouldn’t cause any safety issue but the fact that they are there makes our life easier. Since they have no sense of urgency to them, they are in rectangular shape and have text in red or white with the green, yellow or red background.

These are just some of the many categories that you may come across in the warning stickers we see around us. All the colors and shapes have to follow the rules and regulations to bring decorum in the society and make it easier for the mind to associate a certain sign with some specific warning. Moreover, you can order custom warning stickers as well but then they too would need to pass through the standard procedure. The caution stickers, as is always advised, should be loud and cloud and so should the warning stickers. When it comes to the safety of the human life and property, one should just not take any risk.

Which are some of the most common warning stickers you have come across? Do let us know in the comments below. If you are here looking for ideas for your custom warning stickers then get in touch with us right away. Our team will help you decide on the design, color scheme and even the right size of stickers so that not only does it follow the regulations and safety standards but is also catchy enough to gain attention when needed. So get in touch with us today and order the best warning stickers your business needs.