When you go out to get vinyl stickers for yourself you are bound to get a little confused especially if you do not know your way around the terms like vinyl decals and vinyl stickers.

C’mon if it wasn’t for all the extensive research I did I might as well never have known the difference between the two. While you might be fooled into thinking that they both are the same, there are certain differences which will help you know better.

Vinyl Stickers


To begin, let’s take a look at some of the possible similarities between vinyl stickers and decals and the things that often get us confused between the two.


This is probably one of the biggest reason which may make you order the vinyl stickers wholesale and waste your money instead because you certainly weren’t looking for what you got. Both the prints are taken out of huge sheets of vinyl. What is a vinyl anyway? Have you ever looked at the sticky back plastic which comes with many products that we buy off the market? Vinyl is similar to that but a lot thicker. This means that it is easy to apply and can be used to stick on various things and surfaces using the creativity hidden in your mind. The background of the surface becomes that of the vinyl sticker printing. So, be very cautious of the color scheme you choose. It should be coherent with the purpose you are trying to achieve with the design and objective you are trying to meet. Wrong design and color scheme and there are chances that nobody would come to notice your vinyl decal or custom vinyl stickers at all and this is something we do not want.

Vinyl Stickers


Vinyl sticker printing has made a huge impact on the advertising industry as a strong and impactful means of advertising. With little to no effort, you can not only create a presence for your brand but also convey your message to your audience in a much better way. These vinyl stickers are used for decoration purposes too. so, this way you can decorate a building and be advertising your company at the same time. And who says that it has to be the building only? You can use the custom vinyl stickers to create a walking brand ambassador for your company in the form of a car or a bike or simply have them posted on windows and doors to get the crowd to notice them. All you would need is a clean and clear surface, right hands to do the job and that is it.


While reading the similarities, you might have gotten confused even more. When the purpose is same and the material of use too, then how can these two be so poles apart? Well, it is the details in the differences that you need to know for that.


The technique with which the custom vinyl stickers are made is entirely different from the one that is used to make the vinyl decals. The vinyl decals are made using a cutter while the vinyl stickers using a printer. While you still can cut through the printed vinyl sticker, it remains to be the biggest difference and limitation between the two.

Vinyl Stickers

For the vinyl decal, a cutter is connected to a computer which reads on the vector points and cuts through the thick layers of vinyl to create the vinyl decal which is being ordered. For vinyl sticker printing, the design is printed and stamped on the vinyl sheet which is later cut through depending on the size which is ordered. If need be, a cutter is then attached to the printed to cut specific shapes in the vinyl stickers.


Have you ever come across the vinyl decals? They not only follow a monotone but are also simple in their design. This is because for the cutter to cut through the vinyl sheets and make complex cut outs which are still strong and easy to apply is difficult. Depending on the design which is being ordered, the complexity may vary a little but without affecting the durability of the design in any way. The vinyl stickers since making use of the vinyl sticker printing, are rather complex in their design. They often have intricate designs printed on them which often may not be in colors but it is the whole complexity of the design which gives them the look they have. The details involved with vinyl stickers are not possible with the cutter. The team at work would spend hours at the computer and drive themselves crazy but still may not be able to get the image you want.

Design options

With the vinyl decals, you have every limited design options. Even the custom vinyl decals you order do not come with much options for you to choose from. This is, however, not true for the custom vinyl stickers you order. You can choose from a variety of different designs and leave the rest on the vinyl sticker printing team.

Vinyl Stickers

With this guide, you must become a wizard with the vinyl decals and vinyl stickers. Use this knowledge to your advantage and order sensibly at the vinyl stickers wholesale. If it is a complex design you want or want to have your company’s message displayed in a creative manner, then get in touch with our team. From the design to the printing phase, we will be there working in close coordination with you to ensure that the end product is exactly how you had imagined it and is not a waste of money for you. Use the custom vinyl stickers to market your services and products and advertise your business in crazy trendy manners. Vinyl stickers are not only cost effective but are durable as well. Get the vinyl stickers wholesale today at affordable prices and have them last a lifetime with you.